Brazilian Chiligum is acquired by VidMob, a global company focused on Creative Intelligence

Chiligum adtech will be integrated into VidMob's global platform, adding creative automation at scale to the solution

Brazilian Chiligum is acquired by VidMob, a global company focused on Creative Intelligence
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VidMob, a global company focused on Creative Intelligence – its flagship is an integrated platform that combines creative analytics with a global network of professionals – has just completed its first acquisition after a $50 million fundraising and the chosen one was a Brazilian startup, adtech Chiligum Creatives. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Chiligum provides solutions that automate aspects of creative production to deliver customized and dynamic advertising at scale. In other words, Chiligum’s automation technology helps marketing teams fill the gap between what the creative team can produce and what the brands’ media and digital experience plans require. The startup supports different formats, such as videos, images, banners, OOH, social networks, and others.

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By integrating with Chiligum, VidMob now offers a full-stack creative solutions platform for the development of advertising pieces in which ads can be customized and scaled, which, according to the startup, is ideal for brands with a large product portfolio and dynamic pricing. It is also possible to run ads on all major digital media platforms and target content according to different geographic, cultural, and business contexts.

According to Alex Collmer, VidMob’s founder and CEO, automating some processes sets creators free to focus on delivering valuable content. “Human creativity will always be the ‘big thing’ in communications. Automation takes away the tedious tasks of formatting and version control that take up a lot of these professionals’ time and energy.”

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Founded in 2015 by Debora Folloni, Chiligum has delivered over 7 million ads for brands such as Neon, iFood, Magalu, and Citibank, and in 2020, reported a 130% greater revenue compared to 2019.

With the acquisition, VidMob expects to scale Chiligum’s solution globally. In Latin America, VidMob serves brands such as Ambev, Itaú, and Localiza. In Brazil, Magazine Luiza, iFood, and Rappi advertise through Chiligum’s platform.

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