Brazilian fintech C6 bank launches reward program for credit and debit cards

To tackle competition mainly against Nubank's loyalty program, C6's reward program won't charge any fee to customers

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Photo: C6 Bank/Courtesy

Born in August 2019, Brazilian fintech C6 bank has already launched a handful of new features since it emerged – from a US dollar digital account to an incubator open to the community – the neobank has now announced a new reward program free of charges for users, called Átomos. Information is from the media outlet Seu Crédito Digital.

Available for purchases made with both credit and debit cards, C6 account holders can redeem points for products or services, such as air tickets, hotel reservations, home appliances, and airline miles. Átomos’ points don’t have an expiration date and can be redeemed whenever the user wants.

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Unlike Nubank Rewards, the loyalty program from decacorn fintech Nubank, C6 program is free, which means that account holders do not need to pay a monthly fee or subscription to participate. Users who has a debit, credit or multiple card already accumulates points automatically.

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