Brazilian firms launch a manifesto pledging to maintain jobs for 2 months

More than 200 big and medium companies, spanning many sectors, already joined the movement

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A group of Brazilian companies released a manifesto on Friday 3 in which they pledge to maintain jobs at least until the end of May, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the companies that signed the document, published on the website Não Demita! there are large retailers, banks, construction, technology and investment firms.

According to the manifesto, “a company’s first social responsibility is to return to society what it receives – starting with the people who dedicate their lives, every day, to the success of its business.”

“We lead companies that help to build Brazil and turn the wheel of the economy. We cannot ignore our responsibility at this moment. We will set an example and encourage other companies to show solidarity and care for people, ensuring that we maintain financial stability of who needs it most “, posted on LinkedIn Cesar Gon, CEO of CI&T, a digital solutions company.

CI&T is among the 40 companies that launched the manifesto, along with other technology companies like Accenture, Microsoft and Salesforce; big retailers Magazine Luiza, Lojas Renner and Grupo Pão de Açúcar, brands in the financial sector Itaú, Santander, Bradesco, BTG and XP; in addition to cosmetics manufacturers Natura and O Boticário. In less than two days, about 200 companies joined the campaign.

This crisis will pass. We are going to build this crossing together until the end of May. By maintaining our staff, we will help to avoid or minimize a possible economic and social collapse

Não Demita! Manifesto

In addition to maintaining jobs, the manifesto encourages entrepreneurs to make donations to people whose livelihoods are threatened by the lockdown, such as small vendors and autonomous workers.

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