Brazilian Gank raises BRL 8 million aiming to be the social network for investors

The startup will launch an integrated platform for trading assets and exchanging information between investors; the venture capital firm Canary led the round to start operations

Brazilian Gank raises BRL 8 million aiming to be the social network for investors
Breno Fortuna, Gank's CEO; Daryl Akamine, Gank's marketing director and Bruno Batalha, Gank's product director. Photo: Keiny Andrade/Courtesy
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There is a newcomer in the area: the Brazilian Gank, an investment startup that has built a unique platform for asset trading, has just received an investment of BRL 8 million to start its operations. The round was led by venture capital firm Canary and followed by Global Founders Capital (GFC).

The difference with Gank compared to other investment platforms, according to the startup itself, is the proposal to build a strong community of investors on an integrated trading platform, where investors can connect and exchange information. Through the platform, any investor can send questions to the community, receive tips from experts and even follow the portfolio of other investors.

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Breno Fortuna, CEO and founder at Gank, explains that for many years the biggest obstacle for the investor was access to the financial market. With the rise in popularity of investment platforms, this has changed: “The problem has become decision making. Especially for small investors, who do not have customized support for managing their portfolio,” he said.

Gank’s goal is to provide support for this kind of investor. “With Gank, we will create an environment in which the user will be connected to people he trusts and will be able to share information and experience, evaluate which are the best market opportunities and make better decisions to build his portfolio.”

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Gank promises a fee-free platform for trading assets. The platform will start by offering investments in stocks and later plans to include investments in cryptocurrencies, funds, fixed income assets, and foreign assets.

The platform is not expected to go live until October, but it is already possible to sign up for a waiting list. When accessing the app for the first time, investors must indicate their main goal (such as multiplying their wealth or guaranteeing a source of fixed income, for example). After that, they can connect with other investors or influencers and share and exchange information about investments.

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With this proposal to be a kind of social network for investors, Gank targets a younger audience. “In Brazil, the number of investors between 19 and 34 years old has grown a lot in recent years. Our goal is to build a platform for this new generation of investors”, explained Daryl Akamine, Gank’s marketing director.

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