Brazilian Grupo Boticário shifts 'Black Friday' for 'Beauty Week' to fight racism

The shift in the term is a collaborative effort to fight racism, according to Grupo Boticário's CEO

Photo: LinkedIn
  • According to the CEO, Grupo Boticário has several diversity, inclusion and equity programs;
  • He invited business leaders to change the term.

Brazilian Grupo Boticário, parent company of Boticário, the largest cosmetic franchise worldwide, decided to extinguish the term “Black Friday”, and implement “Beauty Week” in turn, according to a statement by Grupo Boticário’s CEO, Artur Grynbaum, published on Tuesday.

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The change comes after dozens of companies made explicit statements of supporting fight against racism. On LinkedIn, Grynbaum said that the firm is committed to promote diversity and inclusion.

Two months before “Black Friday” – one of the most relevant periods of the year for retailers and the most important date for e-commerce worldwide, we are faced with a recurring annoyance: for years we talked about the possible origin of the term “Black Friday”, about the absence of scientific data to prove that it does not relate to the issue of slavery. So, respecting the movements that feel uncomfortable with the term, we decided to stop reflecting and start acting – we will no longer have the term Black Friday at Grupo Boticário.

Artur Grynbaum, grupo boticário’s cEO

“It is with a look of learning, admiration, and respect that I follow the movements in favor of diversity and inclusion stimulated by various companies, institutions, and groups today. When I look inside, the feeling is no different: at Grupo Boticário the theme has been worked in a well-structured way since 2013, initially focusing on gender equity, expanding to other minority groups, and working for the equity of LGBTQIA + people, people with disabilities, people of different generations and of course, racial equity across the organization”, he said.

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According to him, this shift is part of a collaborative journey. “So, with great enthusiasm, I invite my colleagues and colleagues here, business leaders across the country to join us and rethink their Black Fridays, naming them with other names that make sense for each company and sector,”he said, adding that it is not only about changing the term, but it is a way to achieve responsible success and to make a further contribution to a new perspective of race in society.

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