Brazilian healthtech Sanar raises BRL 60 million to invest in staff and technology

The startup specializes in digital products and content for healthcare workers and students and is present in 7 countries

Image: Sanar website
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Brazil‘s startup Sanar, which focuses on digital products and content for the healthcare sector, closed a series B round of investment by raising BRL 60 million ($11.5 million). The deal was led by funds DNA Capital and Valor Capital, and also had the participation of Vox Capital and e.Bricks Ventures, both of which already invested in Sanar previously. 

With the raised money, the firm plans to expand its staff – today it has around 200 employees – and invest in technology. Sanar’s operations are 100% digital and the startup plans to be, in four years, the first company to follow the whole professional journeys of doctors and other health professionals. The startup already has clients in more than 5,000 cities and 7 countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Portugal.

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CEO Ubiraci Mercês told O Estado de S.Paulo that the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating processes that would take years to happen. “The ministry of education allowed online classes for medical schools, something that otherwise would take about 10 years. All of this catalyzes Sanar’s activity, which is very well positioned in this scenario ”, says the president.

According to Mercês, the raised money will not be invested immediately. He says the company will first prepare studies to know how and when to act in the best way in new projects.

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