Brazilian Hotmart launches credit card and WhatsApp integration

New features will increase engagement between content producers and their audience, in addition to facilitating the financial flow of its platform users

Hotmart credit card WhatsApp integration
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The Brazilian tech startup Hotmart announced two features to enhance content creators’ experience in its platform. The first, a pre-paid card with an international credit card feature and the official integration of its platform with WhatsApp.

In addition to promoting audience engagement with content creators, the company wants to improve the shopper experience and increase sales rates. The new products are part of Hotmart’s strategy to offer a complete ecosystem of solutions for creating, selling, and purchasing digital products.

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“We listen to the content creators community, we seek to understand what it takes to simplify their journey and improve their audience’s experience,” said Hotmart vice president of products, Renato Sacramento.

WhatsApp simplifies the shopping journey

Integration with WhatsApp also enables producers to chat with their audience, even while they are still potential buyers.

According to Hotmart, 85% of traffic on purchase pages within its platform is carried by mobile phones. Thus, the company hopes that implementing a technology that is widespread among consumers can simplify the purchasing and selling journey.

Integration with Meta’s messaging app will be available in November.

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Hotmart’s credit card

Another solution announced by the startup is a prepaid card, with an international credit function. The payment method is available to content producers and affiliates residing in Brazil.

According to the company, the card simplifies access to financial resources, so that they do not depend on credit from financial institutions to use the money they receive using Hotmart.

“The user will be able to make purchases using the balance in the digital wallet. Thus, he gains more financial freedom, being able to unlink his personal account from his digital business account, without having to involve banking institutions”, explains the product marketing manager from Hotmart, Jader Maia.

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Eligible content producers and affiliates can register for the queue, available from October 19th through the Hotmart Sparkle app. In the app, it will be possible to manage balance, transactions, passwords, and active cards.

The approval evaluation process will be carried out according to the order of registration and eligibility criteria, states the tech startup.

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