Brazilian HR startup Gupy raises $6.9 million to invest on its AI platform

The technology developed by the company analyzes more than 200 traits of job seekers and company profiles

Guilherme Dias, co-founder and marketing director at Gupy. Photo: Gupy/Ingrid Camargo
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  • Gupy will hire an additional 30 team members, mostly for product and tech development;
  • The company serves clients in ten Latin Americas and European countries.

Brazilian HR startup Gupy raised BRL 40 million ($6.9 million) from Oria Capital, and is planning to use the money to improve its artificial intelligence (AI) platform as well as hire new staff. According to Exame, the company grew 25% in the first quarter with its focus on adapting products and offering new services to the human resources industry.

Founded in 2015, Gupy is a recruitment and selection platform that uses artificial intelligence to make the process faster and more assertive. The technology developed by the startup analyzes more than 200 traits of candidates for any job position and company profiles to establish the “matching” between them. 

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After being initially accelerated by Telefónica-owned Wayra, the startup received two investments – the first one, of BRL 1.5 million, in 2018 and the second one, last year, of BRL 11.5 million.

The company serves clients in ten Latin Americas and European countries, including Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Slovakia and Italy. Large companies such as Atento, Ambev, GPA and Renner use the solution. 

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Mariana Dias, Gupy’s CEO and co-founder, told Exame that the firm had its eye on a new round of investments since last year. The first talks with Oria happened before the pandemic “It is a very robust fund, with experience in the technology market, it can help us at this moment”, said Dias.

Gupy, which tripled its operations over 2019, will be hiring an additional 30 team members, most of which will be for product and tech development.

In March, Guilherme Dias, Gupy’s co-founder and marketing director, told LABS: “We were able to offer, on average, a 50% reduction in the time taken to fill a vacancy, and 80% reduction in operational efforts, as well as an improvement in firm’s turnover.”

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