Brazilian Infleet snags BRL 2.6 million to boost its corporate fleet logistics platform

With its fleet management and integration platform, the startup claims to reduce the operational costs of its customers by up to 25%

Brazilian Infleet snags BRL 2.6 million to boost its corporate fleet logistics platform
Infleet's co-founders: Lucas Bastos, Henrique Lima, Victor Cavalcanti, and Vitor Reis. Photo: Courtesy
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Eyeing a potential market of more than 10 million vehicles at the service of companies from the most diverse sectors, Infleet, a Brazilian logistics startup for corporate fleets, has just closed a BRL 2.6 million funding round led by DOMO Invest and followed by Bossanova, Américo Pereira Filho, Yves Nogueira, and Dalton Swain.

Founded in 2018 by engineers Victor Cavalcanti, Lucas Correia, Vitor Reis, and Henrique de Amorim, Infleet was inspired by international platforms such as Samsara, Fleetio, and Chevin to build a platform through which fleet managers can monitor the efficiency and behavior of vehicles on the road, as well as fleet maintenance.

According to Cavalcanti, Infleet’s CEO, the solution helps client companies identify and solve unnecessary losses, with fuel and maintenance for example, besides organizing fleet data, such as vehicle behavior on the road and penalties. The startup claims to reduce fleet owners’ operational costs by up to 25% with its solutions.

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“The platform integrates the operational view with monitoring, telemetry, and cost management in a single system. With this, decision making is based on data about driver behavior, fuel costs, maintenance, and general expenses, without the need for complex reports,” said Cavalcanti.

“The fleet manager can respond faster to operational inefficiencies, such as correcting in real-time the driver’s driving style, engine idleness, fuel waste, and unnecessary maintenance expenses, among others,” added Correia, Infleet’s CPO.

Operating on a subscription model, with a monthly fee for each vehicle added to the platform, Infleet already serves more than 240 clients, ranging from transportation companies and hospitals to telecom, engineering, sanitation, and energy companies.

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The startup does not disclose absolute numbers of the operation, but claims to have increased revenues by 200% in less than a year and, between January and April this year, to have grown 65%. The company expects to end 2022 with 400 clients in its portfolio.

The newly raised funds will be invested in technology to improve the platform’s data analysis tools, including the issuing of automatic reports and predictive data; in marketing for customer acquisition; and in education and training for the logistics sector.

“The idea is to integrate Infleet’s platform with the main systems in the market, encompassing all services related to fleet management such as rental companies, insurance, repair shops, and automakers,” said Cavalcanti, who also does not rule out an A Series for soon.

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