The Brazilian location startup Inloco starts its operations in the US with a new name: Incognia

The company's focus on American soil will now be mobile antifraud protection tools

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  • Inloco changed its business model and will now work on private behavioral identity solutions to fraud prevention;
  • Operations will continue both in Brazil and the US.

The Brazilian location startup Inloco started its operations in the United States with a new name: Incognia. Physically in the country since February, Inloco changed its original business model, which offered geolocation-based marketing solutions, to work with private behavioral identity solutions to prevent mobile fraud, with a new set of products, a new brand, but with the same location technology.

The change came mainly due to the COVID-19 crisis, since the startup’s technology was used for physical retail applications that could connect with users when they entered stores.

With the official start of operations in the US in recent weeks, the company has launched its new anti-fraud product. The two companies will continue to operate in Brazil and the United States, and the new fraud prevention product will also be offered in Brazil.

The development of an authentication solution that uses users’ behavioral information based on location to prove their identity was already part of the startup’s plans. With the crisis, this solution was put on motion. “The United States needs a privacy solution to fight fraud,” recalls Ferraz.

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According to André Ferraz, CEO of Incognia and Inloco, the anti-fraud product, Incognia’s focal point in the United States, will surely represent the majority of the business of both companies by the end of this year.

Incognia is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and also has a team in New York. The startup chose to scale the business in Brazil in its early years as a strategy to attract, later on, investors interested in betting on its internationalization plan.

Ferraz explains that by creating an anonymous location behavior pattern, unique to each user, Incognia provides a private-first solution.

Changing in real-time as we move, the location behavior creates a dynamic fingerprint that is extremely difficult to be imitated

André Ferraz, CEO of Incognia and InLoco.

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“This powerful digital identity, when applied by banks, payment companies, and online retailers, can be used to authenticate users both when opening accounts and at any login. Thus, when fraudsters attempt to open accounts with stolen data, or access third-party accounts, their location behavior will not match that of the legitimate account owners, and access will be barred. Users and institutions remain safe and keep their data confidential,” explains Ferraz. Incognia’s SDK and anti-fraud APIs improve identity verification and authentication for mobile apps by banks, fintechs, and retailers.

Inloco is using 60% of the BRL 80 million ($18.8 million) contribution received in 2019 to explore the United States market.

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