Brazilian Locaweb acquires Etus, the second firm acquisition in a week

Etus created a subscription product to manage social media with potential for cross-selling

Photo: Etus/LinkedIn
  • Etus’ founders will now work within Locaweb;
  • Founded in 2015, Etus offers a SaaS business model.

Brazilian Locaweb, which operates web services, announced it has acquired Etus to manage social media. It is the second acquisition in a week and the second one after Locaweb’s IPO, in February. Last week the company acquired Social Miner

“Most companies that use social media need profiles on the main ones, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, among others. Managing all of these networks separately is extremely complicated and ineffective. Through a complete platform for managing these channels, Etus comes to make life easier for companies”, said Locaweb, on a blog post.

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Fernando Cirne, Locaweb’s CEO, said that social media has become extremely relevant and Etus offers the solution that best fits into Locaweb’s portfolio. “We know that there is great synergy for both sides, as our customers need solutions like those of Etus to sell even more and expand their digital presence. At the same time, Etus customers need the solutions that Locaweb offers”, he stated.

We are excited to announce another important acquisition to the market after the IPO. As we always do in our acquisitions, we were extremely cautious and evaluated hundreds of companies to reach Etus. We are talking about a subscription product, technically very well established, with potential for cross-selling.

Fernando Cirne, Locaweb’s CEO

Etus’ founders will now work within Locaweb. Founded in 2015, Etus offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model, a sharing and management social media solution. On its platform, it’s possible to manage social media and digital marketing. 

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It works under a subscription: the customer pays a monthly fee for using the platform. Etus’ CEO and co-founder André Patrocínio stated that Etus was born to solve companies’ issues in digital marketing, the management of their social media combined with productivity and results. “My partners and I have worked as advertisers with a specialization in digital marketing since 2010 and we spent a lot of time managing our clients’ social networks and we needed something complete and robust to help with this task. We developed this solution and with that, we had more time to evolve and scale our business ”, he said. 

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