Brazilian Locaweb acquires Social Miner: the first acquisition after its IPO

Locaweb aims to integrate Social Miner's solutions with All IN, acquired in 2013, to boost e-commerce

Social Miner's team. Photo: Social Miner Website
  • According to Locaweb, Social Miner is another solution to generate business on the internet;
  • Major brands like Natura, Wine, Kabum, Droga Raia/Drogasil use Social Miner to increase their sales.

Brazilian Locaweb, which operates web services, announced it has acquired Social Miner to offer solutions through artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning. It is the first acquisition after Locaweb’s IPO.

The deal was closed at BRL 22 million, according to Exame. Social Miner was founded in 2014 and has been part of Google’s acceleration programs. The startup’s solutions bring together big data and AI on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, helping e-commerce businesses and retailers to build strategies to optimize results and improve their performance online.

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According to Locaweb, Social Miner is another solution to improve business on the internet, “an ally to identify and build personalized journeys that stimulate the sales funnel and can increase lead engagement through their digital tools – such as websites, online stores, e-commerce, email marketing, etc.”

The platform allows real-time interactions with e-commerce visitors, through behavioral messages, personalized web pushes and other smart channels, always in line with the strategy defined by the customer.

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“Social Miner was born with the mission of helping companies to humanize their relationships with their customers through technology and data, and thereby obtain better results,” said Ricardo Rodrigues, co-founder, and CEO of Social Miner.

With Social Miner’s solutions integration with All iN (a firm acquired by Locaweb Group in 2013), Locaweb aims to offer “a complete suite of services that accompanies the entire consumer journey for e-commerce and retailers.”

“We will be able to define the best time to impact the user, with individualized content, in the correct channel, thereby increasing sales, reducing media costs for our customers and decreasing the cost of acquiring a new user at the same time that we increase the Life Time Value of consumers”, said Victor Popper, director of All iN.

Major brands such as Natura, Wine, Kabum, Droga Raia/Drogasil use Social Miner to increase their sales. “All this technology can boost the sales of thousands of customers of our e-commerce platform Tray,” said Locaweb.

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