Brazilian mobility startup GreenV raises BRL 22 million

In addition to the increase in recharge points, GreenV also promises to use capital injection to bring more than 70 innovations to Brazilian market by 2025

Greenv startup raises 22 million
GreenV fonders: Marcos Nogueira and Junior Mirada (right). Photo: GreenV/Courtesy
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Brazilian mobility startup GreenV received a BRL 22 million funding from an American investor this week. The company develops solutions related to electromobility, such as charging stations for electric cars, fleet electrification, and others.

Founded by entrepreneurs Junior Miranda, Marcos Nogueira, and Mauro Amaral, the startup is related to AZ Energy, a company that develops products for recharging electric vehicles and automation. The startup did not disclose the investor’s name for contractual reasons.

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Currently, GreenV has 1,500 stations for recharging electric cars and is present in 23 states in Brazil. With the investment, the company intends to scale its operations and offer new services and technologies for mobility across the country.

“After focusing and specializing in electromobility, our sales grew more than 40 times in just three years. So, this year, GreenV was born, a startup focused exclusively on electric mobility solutions. There is an exponential demand and many opportunities in this market”, says GreenV’s CEO, Junior Miranda.

One of the companies that use GreenV solutions is Porsche. GreenV is responsible for installing the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles of the German brand in Brazil.

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The funding for GreenV comes at a favorable time for the country’s electric market. According to the Brazilian Association of Electric Vehicles (ABVE), sales of electric and hybrid cars in Brazil had the best quarter in history. From January to April 2021, 7,290 electrified vehicles were licensed, an increase of 29.4% over the same period last year.

The startup‘s expansion is essential to address a frequent concern of electric car owners: the concern about the lack of recharging points. “Consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental issues. However, if, on one hand, companies with the potential to electrify their fleets want efficiency, on the other, the owners [of electric cars] are looking for high performance”, highlights Miranda.

In addition to the increase in recharge points, GreenV also promises to use capital injection to develop more than 70 innovations by 2025.

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