Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro meets with Huawei's CEO

China and Brazil are in conversations about the 5G implementation, but US government officials try to lobby against it

As the public tender that will precede the 5G technology implementation in Brazil comes closer, a particular country is worried about the advance of the Chinese giant Huawei in this venture: the US. Expected to happen as soon as 2020, the public tender will allow companies to propose their technologies in order to install 5G networks according to the technical specifications set by the Brazilian government. 

Huawei is nowadays the world’s biggest telecommunications network equipment supplier, and during this Monday, 18, the company’s CEO in Brazil, Yao Wei, had a meeting with the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro to present the company, in which expressed its interest in taking part at the public tender. “I just listened,” summed the Brazilian president. According to Bolsonaro, the Chinese firm made clear it wants to participate in the 5G implementation in the country, but the auction was not addressed directly.

In a statement to the Brazilian media outlet Folha de S.Paulo, the US government says the Chinese’s entry into this area brings security implications. “Allowing Chinese telecommunications equipment anywhere on a 5G network creates an unacceptable risk to national security, infrastructure, privacy, and human rights,” said the government representatives.

President Bolsonaro said there was yet another South Korean company able to operate the 5G technology. “We will take into account the best offer and connectivity.” 

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