Brazilian retailer B2W to acquire Supermercado Now

B2W seeks to grow in the supermarket segment by acquiring the marketplace focused on grocery stores

Photo: Shutterstock

While other sectors have already been disrupted by the digital economy and are now facing bigger and new challenges as the market develops – whether fintechs, edtechs, foodtechs, and so on – there are a few others still waiting to go through digitization – and one of these is the supermarket’s segment. Aware of this opportunity, Brazilian retailer B2W is entering this market by acquiring the e-commerce Supermercado Now – a platform that gathers groceries of online supermarkets – as announced by the company in a press release. The information is from news media outlet Forbes.

“This business model has a great growth opportunity in Brazil and will allow B2W to expand its presence in the supermarket category, opening a new front of growth and offering an even more complete assortment to the company’s more than 16 million active customers,” stated the company.

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According to B2W, Supermercado Now has a partnership with more than 30 supermarket chains, besides a customer profile with a high recurrence of purchase. Working as a marketplace for small chains of supermarkets, Supermercado Now was created in 2016 and its biggest advantage is to allow customers to buy, through its platform, in their preferred store, and then, receive the products at home up to 2h or in a scheduled time – something that big supermarket chains struggle to do. 

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