Brazilian startup focused on pre-sales raises BRL15 million from venture capital firm Astella

With the new investment, Exact Sales will aim at making new acquisitions and enhancing its solution for the Brazilian market

Exact Sales raises BRL15 million from venture capital firm Astella

Not only from Silicon Valley funds the startups are made. As more players emerge bringing new solutions and the Brazilian ecosystem matures, more local venture capital and private equity firms set their eyes on the national startups. That’s the case of Exact Sales and Astella.

From Florianópolis, the startup focused on offering pre-sales solutions for other players has just raised BRL15 million (around $3.6 million) from the Brazilian venture capital fund Astella – investor of other players such as the marketing and sales solution Resultados Digitais – also from Florianópolis.  

According to the Brazilian media outlet Exame, the investment will help Exact Sales strengthen its service by acquiring other startups with complementary solutions, enhancing the performance of its software. Exact Spotter, as it is called, is the company’s software responsible for helping the commercial teams during the stage of classifying potential clients and managing the following phases of the sale. The main idea is to improve the sales process efficiency, raising the conversion rates. 

With two thousand clients – mostly medium-sized companies from sectors such as nano and biotechnology, consultancies, and software solutions – Exact Sales intends to grow at a monthly rate of 10% to 12%, backed by the new fundraising. Currently, the startup grows at 7%. Although Exact Sales will remain fully focused, at the moment, on the Brazilian market, the fund responsible for the new investment, Astella, doesn’t overlook the possibility of international expansion for the startup. “We see a company capable of competing at the same level as global players. It is a movement that currently arises organically through multinationals like SAP,” said Daniel Chalfon, Astella’s partner, to Exame

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