Brazilian startup Intera raises BRL 2.5 million in its first round

The Seed infusion will be used to “make a product of the service”, placing the tools in the hands of customers so that they can select people like Intera does

Paula Morais, Intera's co-founder. Photo: Courtesy
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  • About a month ago Intera announced a CTO and new partner, Juliano Tebinka;
  • Intera grew 200% in 2020 compared to 2019.

Brazilian startup Intera, which works with digital recruitment and selection, announced that it raised a BRL 2.5 million Seed round. Through a consultancy service to find talent for startups, such as iFood and Creditas, and large companies, such as Ambev and Alpargatas, the HRtech has disrupted the traditional model of selection consulting through the “hacker headhunting”, paid through subscription service to companies. 

Paula Morais, Intera’s co-founder, told LABS that the round with angels will be used to invest in technology and transform what is now a service provider into a SaaS (Software as a Service) model product. “We brought this round to turn this process around,” she said. The proceeds will be invested in technology, in the expansion of the sales and product development team to scale the solution.

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About a month ago Intera announced a CTO and new partner, Juliano Tebinka, who was VP of engineering at the Brazilian e-commerce startup MadeiraMadeira. The round will also be used in the formation of the Tebinka technology team, with the hiring of developers so that in the next 18 months Intera’s product will be consolidated in the software model.

Morais did not reveal who is part of the group of angels who invested in the startup because of a confidential contract, but said they are relevant people in the market. Two of the investors are now on the board of Intera.

Intera grew revenue by 200% in 2020 compared to 2019, and exceeded BRL 3 million in revenue in the past years. The startup’s forecast is to double revenue in 2021 and grow 150% by the end of next year. Since the founding of the business, Intera has intermediated more than 400 hires for technical positions in corporations.

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Making the operation even more efficient, developing the MVP (minimum viable product) of the recruitment product, growing in sales, and gaining efficiency in sales are among Intera’s goals in 2021.

Intera is part of Cubo Itaú, the largest technological entrepreneurship hub in Latin America, and already has 90 employees, both permanent and temporary, and more than 100 clients who have already adopted the digital transformation in recruitment.

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