Brazilian startups join international movement to halt virus spread

#StoptheSpread started in the U.S. to urge the private sector to take action in fighting the spread of Covid-19

VTEX's office in Rio
VTEX's office in Rio. The startup is one of that joined the effort against coronavirus. Photo: Reproduction
  • Peixe Urbano, OLX and Sympla are among the firms that signed the commitment document;
  • Companies recommend paying employees even if they are unable to do activities during the pandemic.

Almost 200 startups and technology companies in Brazil have joined a movement to prevent the spreading of the new coronavirus in the country. Technology companies have signed a letter asking to do remote work when possible and to pay people who cannot do remote work even if they don’t do their activities. #StoptheSpread movement started in the U.S., to urge the private sector to take action in fighting the spread of Covid-19. The movement aims to flatten the curve of the outbreak.

Source: World Health Organization

In the document, companies of Brazil commit and invite entrepreneurs and leaders to fight the pandemic together. Among remote work and other measures, the startups offer instructions on: hygiene and prevention measures recommended by the Brazilian Ministry of Health; putting on hold participation on any non-mandatory public events of any size; avoiding bars, restaurants, gyms and group meetings; supporting small businesses and their employees during this difficult period; providing support for frontline professionals, first responders and health professionals.

Here’s a list with some startups that signed the document: Magnetis, Endeavor Brasil, Jusbrasil, Mobly, Conta Azul, Rock Content, Resultados Digitais, Redpoint eventures, GetNinjas, Buscapé, Neon Pagamentos, Cora, Viajanet, Polifrete, Gama Academy, HeroSpark, Shawee,,  Vittude, BLU365, Grupo ZAP, Dito, Ribon, StopClub, Samba Tech, Cortex, iugu, RA Trustvox, bxblue, Antecipa, ONEVC, Extraclass, Nibo, PSafe, Loft, Mandaê, Bume, Soluparts, Pitzi, Mercos, Dali Empreendimentos, Alexia Ventures, eNotas, Racoon, Platos EdServ Platform, Melhor Plano, Pris, Empodera, Opinion Box, Ingresse, Psicologia Viva, Darwin Startups, CreativeDrive Brasil, ioasys, CRM Educacional, Solides, Octadesk, INTELLIBRAND, Incodde, SocialBase, TATIC, I wanna sleep, TheChecker, Dr. Lava Tudo, Smartalk,, STILINGUE, Viva Eventos, Maplink, Apontador, LoopBox, DGF, Sympla, Clicksign, Pipo Saúde, Residencial Buriti, Residencial Despertar, Medmais Consulta, iFu, Calina Marketing Digital, ABStartups, GP Investments, Gestão 4.0,, Vevee, VTEX, Convertpack, OLX, Descomplica, Xerpa, Resilia, Monetus, Apex Partners S/A, Arquivei, Basicamente, Peixe Urbano, Predify, Ambar Tech, Lide Futuro, FindMe, Wappa, xGB, Repassa, Sales as a System, Novidá, Blue, MOL-Mediacao On-line, Rede Mulher Empreendedora, Vaipe, Soluti, Bossa Nova Investimentos, Nvoip, Méliuz, Badia PAR, Confraria do Empreeendedor, Potato Valley Ventures, Matchbox, Mutual Empréstimos, Conquer, Piipee, BeautyClass, Cuponomia, Voxus, Certus Software, Eteg Technology, BeerOrCoffee, JoySpot, Convenia, Learn Educação Móvel Ltda, Send4, Pin People, CSO/CMO Dattos, Brio Investimentos, Todo Cartões, Hent, Cerensa, Chico Rei, Gestão 4.0, InteliGov, Filho sem Fila, Hubify, U4crypto, Voitto, ONOVOLAB, Fhinck, Accountfy, XTREE, Allya and more. The full list is available here.

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