Brazilian Theia launches app focused on women's health

The clinic has more than 30 specialists for online assistance throughout Brazil, and also offers face-to-face appointments in São Paulo

CEO Flavia Deutsch Gotfryd, former sales, marketing and product director at the fintech Acesso and COO Paula Crespi, former GuiaBolso's marketing and product director, met each other during a MBA program at Stanford University. Photo: Courtesy
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Theia, a Brazilian startup focused on women’s healthcare, released its iOS and Android application. The startup wants to make easier access to face-to-face and virtual consultations and also expand the digital experience of its customers.

The app is target at Theia‘s main public: women between 25 and 45 years, in the prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum phases. Theia is Brazil‘s first femtech – the name given to healthtechs focused on women’s health.

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“We give support, reception, and respect for women’s decisions. Our app is a mirror of everything we believe and value, bringing an experience covered in transparency, autonomy, and simplicity. The woman is in control of everything: her schedule, appointments, choices, and her journey, always counting, of course, on our support and methodology”, says Flavia Deutsch Gotfryd, co-founder of Theia alongside Paula Crespi.

Among the features of the app of Theia is the possibility of accessing the entire program for monitoring week by week, the stages of pregnancy, and the evolution of the baby’s size.

Digital, but human

Interestingly, Theia emphasizes that the app does not eliminate the need for face-to-face care. Thus, the service provided in the app is human and “free from robots”.

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The expectant is seen and heard by a team of health specialists. This journey permeates the online and offline world, and the app is an integrative part of our solution. We see that the combination of these two worlds makes a big difference for the women we care for.

Flavia Deutsch Gotfryd, co-founder of Theia

The healthtech raised a US$1.7 million round with venture capital funds and angel investors. Led by Kaszek Ventures with the support of Maya Capital, in 2019. Theia plans its expansion of clinics to more cities in 2022. Currently, the company operates in São Paulo for personal assistance. The clinic has more than 30 specialists for online assistance throughout Brazil.

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