Brazilian Via Varejo acquires i9XP and aims to expand the base of sellers in the marketplace

Via Varejo wants to eliminate tech deficiencies that currently prevent it from admitting a greater number of sellers on its marketplace

08/9/2020. REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan
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  • Via Varejo itself announced in April the acquisition of ASAPlog;
  • In May, it completed the acquisition of fintech BanQi.

Via Varejo announced on Thursday the acquire of 100% of the startup specialized in e-commerce retail i9XP, seeking to accelerate the entry of new sellers in its marketplace. In a statement, Via Varejo stated that the movement “is part of the strategy for accelerating digital transformation”. The transaction amount has not been disclosed.

Based in São Paulo, i9XP has 155 employees, 120 of which are developers, one of the characteristics that motivated the acquisition, said Via Varejo’s chief executive, Roberto Fulcherberguer.

According to the executive, the purchase will eliminate deficiencies that currently prevent Via Varejo from admitting to its marketplace a greater volume of sellers.

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“Why don’t I have 30,000‘ sellers ’yet? Because my technology doesn’t allow it, ”said Fulcherberguer to Reuters.

Currently, the company that owns the Casas Bahia and Ponto Frio brands has around 8,000 salespeople in its marketplace and has expanded this base by around 600 new per month.

The announcement illustrates the intense movement of large Brazilian retail companies to strengthen their e-commerce structures, a segment that gained momentum this year in the wake of social isolation measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, which closed physical stores for months.

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One of Via Varejo’s biggest competitors, Magazine Luiza has also announced several acquisitions in the sector, seeking to expand the business capacity of the 32,000 sellers registered in its marketplace.

Via Varejo itself announced in April the purchase of the ASAPlog startup, which specializes in urban logistics solutions and carrier connections. In May, it completed the acquisition of the fintech BanQi.

Although he did not mention a deadline for expanding his current base, Fulcherberguer said that the company considers that it will have an adequate assortment when it has around “15,000 good sellers” on the platform. The expectation is that the i9XP will be fully integrated with Via Varejo in the first quarter of 2021.

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