Brazil's Elo and abastece-aí launch 100% digital card for payments via QR code

The payment solution integrates Elo virtual cards to the abastece-aí app; the solution is accepted in more than 8 million stores in Brazil

Brazil's Elo and abastece-aí launch 100% digital card for payments via QR code
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Elo, a Brazilian payment technology company, and the digital account abastece-aí, which operates in partnership with BV Financeira, have launched a payment solution that integrates a prepaid card to abastece-aí’s digital wallet and allows customers to buy via QR code in physical stores and with a virtual card in online stores.

According to the two companies, the payment solution has a network of more than 8 million partner businesses throughout Brazil.

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Using this solution, the entire shopping experience is done through the abastece-aí app and the integrated Elo prepaid card. To make purchases via QR code, all that is required is a camera phone and an app to scan the code; as for online purchases, a virtual card can be generated for each transaction, which ensures more protection for each purchase.

The abastece-aí app also offers cashback for purchases made at Ipiranga, Jet Oil, and AmPm gas stations. The partnership also provides users with the benefits offered to Elo card clients, such as differentiated offers and payment conditions.

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Founded in 2016, abastece-aí closed 2021 with 2.8 million active accounts in its digital wallet with over 40 different partners, which handled over BRL 5 billion in financial transactions. Elo, on the other hand, has more than 140 million cards issued and accepted in more than 14 million stores throughout the country.

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