Brazil's Nilo Saude taps $10 million Series A round

The round was led by Global Founders Capital and SoftBank Latin America Fund; Nilo Saude develops a SaaS for patient care and relationship management

Nilo Saude healthtech startup Brazil
Nilo Saude's founders: Rodrigo Luiz Grossi (left), Victor Marcondes, and Isadora Kimura. Photo: Leila Viegas/Courtesy
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Brazilian healthtech Nilo Saude announced this Friday (28) a $10 million Series A. The round was led by GFC (Global Founders Capital), SoftBank Latin America Fund, and Tau Ventures. Maya Capital and Canary — who were already investors — also participated in the round.

With the contribution, the startup specialized in SaaS for patient care and relationship management will develop its platform to improve the interaction between healthcare professionals and patients through simplified and integrated communication features.

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Nilo aligns three basic pillars: patient relationship management via WhatsApp, delivery of digital care via telemedicine and the use of data analytics for clinical decision-making and patient health management. This way, healthcare professionals can personalize primary care, as well as make more effective use of their resources network.

According to one of its founders and CEO, Victor Marcondes, the company’s biggest challenge “will be to scale the team up while maintaining true the values and culture, which is Nilo Saude’s strongest trait and one of the most significant competitive advantages when it comes to attracting the right talent”, says Marcondes.

Altogether, Nilo Saude has over 30 job opportunities available now, and many more openings to come this year. The expectation is to quadruple the number of employees and reach approximately 250 by the end of 2022.

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The company focuses on the B2B market, and has among its clients and partners companies such as the NotreDame Intermedica Group, Porto Seguro and Leve Saude in addition to other providers, brokers, large clinics, and hospitals.

“Throughout 2022, we plan to focus our expansion efforts within Brazil, as we still have a very large addressable market to explore. Furthermore, there is a lot of room for growth within our current customers, who count among the largest healthcare providers in the country”, explains Marcondes. “Shortly after, we will then concentrate on growing within the largest markets in LatAm, taking full advantage of the experience we’ve been amassing here”.

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For Rodrigo Baer, partner at SoftBank Latin America Fund’s early-stage area, healthtechs are just getting started in Brazil. “The same disruption that we saw in the BFSI sector is now reaching the realm of healthcare services. Nilo arrives to help traditional players compete in an environment of constant evolution, providing better services”, says Baer.​​

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