Brazil's Omie acquires customer experience platform Conpass

With the transaction, Conpass' operation and team will be merged into Omie; the company intends to double its customers in 2022

Omie Conpass
Marcelo Lombardo, CEO of Omie. Photo: Omie/Courtesy
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After a dynamic second semester in 2021, with three acquisitions and an extension of its Series C round, Omie has returned to the market. This Thursday (3), the SaaS ERP platform announced the purchase of startup Conpass.

Founded in 2016 by Ivan Biava, Conpass created a consumer experience platform for software companies, which helps more than 300 companies, such as Ambev, Americanas, Stone, and Locaweb, reduce friction and engage their users through customer experience automation.

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With the acquisition of Conpass, Brazilian Omie, which has more than 87,000 customers, brings the customer experience solution (CX) and will merge the startup‘s team into its own.

“We are focused on delivering a simple, intuitive and efficient management system, with extraordinary service”, says Omie co-founder and CEO, Marcelo Lombardo. “We found in Conpass not only a well-designed product, which will allow us to accelerate and take our experience to more and more entrepreneurs, but we have also identified a top-notch team that is motivated to join our great mission”.

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Omie operates through multiple acquisition channels, such as franchises present in all regions of the country, with partner accountants, who play a decisive role in the modernization and development of Brazilian SMEs, as well as a recent partnership with Itaú, in which the bank takes Omie’s ERP in co-branded format to its more than 1.5 million Corporate customers.

The arrival of the startup‘s solution should help Omie reach its goal in 2022: doubling its customer base. Conpass’s solution allows customer experience professionals to create customer interactions within the system, such as tours, tutorials, virtual assistants, help centers, product and engagement marketing campaigns and more, without needing a developer.

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The Conpass operation and employees will be fully merged into Omie, and Ivan Biava, founder and CEO of Conpass, will take on the role of CX Director at Omie.

“Conpass was born out of a market need, where onboarding solutions were too palliative or too expensive, often limited to FAQs and explanatory videos, for example. When these processes didn’t work, another option was to hire people, but the growth in the number of clients implied an increase in the team to serve these very operational structures and with huge teams, which ended up stifling the company’s growth. We perceive a different way of acting, via product, technology and automation”, says Biava.

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