Brazil's RTM and Fortinet partner up on the infrastructure technology for the Brazilian financial market

Service hub for 600 financial institutions in Brazil, RTM wants to be the AWS of the segment

The commercial and product director of RTM, Adriane Rêgo. Photo: RTM/Courtesy
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  • The financial institutions connect to RTM and RTM connects to the providers with whom the market needed to operate;
  • Today, RTM has 2 thousand hotlines among financial institutions.

Brazil-based RTM, a hub for the financial sector, announced a partnership with the U.S. technology company Fortinet to attend companies of the Brazilian financial market.

In talks with LABS, the commercial and product director of RTM, Adriane Rêgo, said that the company began as a telecommunications network for the financial market in 1996. The company connected communication between financial institutions and financial market information service providers, such as the Brazilian Central Bank and the stock exchange.

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But unlike an open network access provider, such as the Internet, RTM operates a closed network for the financial segment. It works like this: institutions connect to RTM and RTM connects to the providers that the market needed to operate with.

“At that time we already had the possibility of traffic with voice and image data, but it was still very incipient,” says the director. Targeted at the financial market, the way RTM found to expand was by adding services to the platform until it became a hub of technological services for the financial sector.

Part of these services is within the infrastructure area to provide access to the network with security. “Everything we have done has always had to pass through the sieve of information security because today the data that travels within RTM is extremely confidential. We created a specialized data center for the financial segment,” she says.

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The AWS in the financial segment

Today, RTM has 2,000 hotlines (direct connections) between financial institutions and, in the cloud part, and it wants to be the AWS (Amazon Web Services) of the financial segment.

Now, Fortinet enters to modernize the infrastructure of the network that has more than 600 client institutions in Brazil, such as banks and fintechs, to exchange information. With the solution called SD-WAN, RTM says it will be able to make communication more centralized and secure.

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