Brazil's startup Acesso Digital renamed 'unico'

It is a renewed effort to follow the new moment of the IDTech, according to the startup

Diego Martins, CEO at unico. Photo: Courtesy
  • With the brand change, the name of the products also changed;
  • There will be no change in the services offered, though.

Brazil’s startup Acesso Digital has been rebranded “unico” (Portuguese for unique), marking the new moment of the IDTech.

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“In a digitalized society, each person must be treated as he or she is unique. For this, we believe that everyone must have control of their data and, from a unique identity, have access to the most varied possibilities, without having to prove who they are at all times,” said Diego Martins, founder, and CEO of unico.

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With the brand change, the name of the products also changed: AcessoBio became unico|check and AcessoRH unico|people. There will be no change in the offered services, though.

“For 13 years we have been known for pioneering. We created innovative products that positioned us as market leaders, pivoted the business, and remained at the forefront. In 2020, we took a big leap in receiving the first two rounds in our history and conquered new markets. The scale brought the challenge of changing, but maintaining our essence ”, adds Diego Martins.

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