Brazil's startup InfoPrice raises BRL 15 million from Indicator Capital and TM3 Capital

With the investment led by Indicator Capital, the pricing research and intelligence startup intends to expand its operations to small and medium businesses and facilitate access to retail analytics

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  • With this investment, InfoPrice plans to improve its dynamic pricing system;
  • InfoPrice offers a solution for retail price control, monitoring, and intelligence, using IoT devices, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

InfoPrice, a Brazil-based startup focused on pricing research and intelligence, has received a BRL 15 million investment, with BRL 10 million from Indicator Capital, a Brazilian early-stage venture capital manager, and BRL 5 million from TM3 Capital, the company’s current investor.

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With the investment, InfoPrice plans to improve its dynamic pricing system, make it accessible to small and medium-sized businesses and offer the same dynamism already present in international e-commerce to Brazilian brick-and-mortar retail shops.

InfoPrice offers a solution for control, monitoring, and pricing intelligence in retail, using IoT devices, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. The pricing software developed by the startup and embedded in a SaaS platform helps retailers from monitoring the competition to smart pricing, covering five major stages of pricing: monitoring competitor data, retail analytics (opportunity mapping), management, suggestion, and execution of prices and promotions.

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Paulo Garcia, CEO of InfoPrice, considers that data is “the new oil”, and that the interconnection of these five stages generates more value than the isolated parts. “We want the solution to be available to all retailers. The retailer that knows how to extract the information will gain a lot. Smart pricing has a high impact on revenue and profitability because it allows you to develop a pricing strategy based on the evaluation of a large set of information, calculations, research, and insights. The goal is to bring the value of a company’s offerings closer to the best expectations of its consumer,” he says.

“Intelligent pricing is the ball of the moment when we talk about efficiency and results in retail,” says Garcia, pointing out that the delicate moment of the economy and inflation calls for greater diligence in pricing, to ensure the positioning of the network and not disappoint consumers.

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