Cabify replaces Easy Taxi in Brazil and promise an investment of U$ 20 million

Bought in 2017 by Cabify, the taxi service hasn't his own app no more since the moment the next update became available

Cabify descontinua Easy Taxi no Brasil
Photo: Cabify
  • After the next update, the Easy Táxi app might already take on Cabify visual guide and becoming a new integrated platform of transportation services.
  • For becoming more competitive in Brazil, Cabify is also counting with a significant decrease in prices for passengers and drivers.
  • With all those actions, the Spanish brand expects to double its revenue in Brasil by the next semester.

Cabify had decided to take a more aggressive strategy to compete with 99 and Uber, the current leaders of the Brazilian market. After buying the app Easy Taxi in 2017, Cabify has just announced that the taxi service will be a part of the company’s app. It will happen from the moment the next update of the app goes live, according to the Brazilian newspaper Estadão

The main goal with it is to represent direct competition for the 99 app that already offers the option of choosing a taxi or driver service at the same place. Besides that, according to Estadão, Cabify intends to invest U$ 20 million in Brazil in the next 5 years to double their technology team in the country.

Brazil has the skilled workforce to help to boost Cabify not only in the country but in the whole world“, said Pedro Meduna, general manager of Cabify in Brazil, in an interview for Estadão. 

But the merge of services in one only app isn’t the only action made by the company to become more competitive in the Brazilian market. The current pricing strategy will also go through some changes, lifting behind the status of a premium transportation service only and starting to offer low prices not only for passengers but also for drivers. According to Estadão, just in São Paulo, the final value of a ride can decrease by around 20% or 25%, while the driver’s tax call decrease by 10%. 

We decided that we don’t need to be the most expensive app to keep growing“, declare Pedro Meduna for Estadão. With all these changes, the company expects to double its revenue by the next semester.

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