Candidates to work for delivery apps increase across Latin America

With isolation measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the number of couriers and food orders is booming

iFood courier. Photo: Shutterstock
  • Isolation measures pushed up delivery services;
  • Customers are giving their orders to couriers as a way to help them.

Amid isolation measures to stem the spread of the novel COVID-19, people are already feeling the impact on their wages or even losing jobs. On the other hand, one kind of business has made its way during the crisis: the number of couriers’ candidates is booming in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic across Latin America.

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In Brazil, according to G1, couriers candidates have more than doubled after isolation measures. Also, delivery apps have also grown: the demand for “supermarkets” category at Brazilian iFood has increased fivefold. iFood’s rival, Uber Eats also expanded its services in the country and now it’s available for ordering in pharmacies, convenience stores and pet shops.

According to Valor Investe, delivery food ordering increased 77% in the first two weeks of March in the country. James app, for instance, owned by Grupo Pão de Açúcar, reported a steep growth of 50% in deliveries in the week of March 15th to 21st compared to the previous seven days. In the same period, the number of registered deliverers on the platform grew by 35%.

Meanwhile, costumers in Latin America are making a movement to support couriers. Some users have started to place orders on the platform for the same couriers, as a way of helping them during the coronavirus crisis.

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