Centauro, a Brazilian sporting goods retailer, reached earnings of BRL 111.8 million last quarter

The brand is recovering after going through hard times in 2018; e-commerce was one of the main channels of their successful strategy for 2019

Centauro store in brazil

Centauro seems to have passed the turbulence in its flight path. After going through some difficult moments in 2018, the SBF group, which owns the sporting goods retailer, reached higher altitudes with profits of BRL 111.8 million in the second trimester of 2019. The implementation of the 16th International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) was the main factor responsible for the change of results, according to Valor Econômico.

The company registered a growth of 5.1% in liquid profits during the last quarter, reaching a value of BRL 545.5 million with the changes to their physical stores and e-commerce.

With the opening of six new stores in Brazil, the company matched a growth of 3% in the segment, yet it was in e-commerce that the sporting goods retailer discovered a great opportunity. Gambling on an omnichannel strategy that would allow them to bring together online and physical retail, a strategy that, for example, gives customers the option to pick up products in physical stores; Centaur has managed to increase its e-commerce sales by 15.1%. 

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