Chilean online sales solutions firm Ecomsur expands to Colombia, its 7th Latin American market

The Chilean e-commerce company merged with Ignite Commerce in Colombia

Ecomsur CEO, Mario Miranda. Photo: Screenshot/YouTube
  • The Chilean company has more than 250 employees across the region;
  • In Colombia, it has merged with Ignite Commerce.

E-commerce solutions company Ecomsur, announced the beginning of its operations in Colombia, reaching seven Latin America countries as an external supplier of alternatives for online transactions, reported La República.

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The Chilean company has around 250 employees across the region. Colombian operations takes place after the merger with the Ignite Commerce company.

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“We are very happy with our recent sales to the Colombian market. We have very good expectations of the results that can be had locally with our new retail partners, but in terms of all our new data, in Colombia we will see one of the markets that has the highest growth in Latin America on e-commerce and omnichannel topics”, told Mario Miranda, CEO and co-founder of Ecomsur.

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