Colombia Court annuls sanction that ordered Uber suspension in the country

Since February, Uber has been operating in Colombia under a contract in which users are not only paying for the drivers' service but also "renting" the cars

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  • After Uber’s suspension in December; in February, the company made a small adaptation in the app, by allowing Colombians users to rent cars with drivers;
  • This Thursday, four months later, a Colombian court has overturned the order that previously forced Uber to suspend operations in the country.

The Superior Court of Bogotá revoked this Friday a sanction by Colombia‘s Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) that ordered last December the suspension of Uber‘s services in the country under the allegation of unfair competition.

“We reiterate the urgency of having clear laws that strengthen the growth of these sectors developed by technology,” the company said in a statement. “We will review the decision in detail to define out next steps, especially as relates to the model of service provision available in Colombia since February this year.”

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In December, the superintendency had ordered Uber to shut down, following a lawsuit from a taxi company. The agency said Uber was providing transport in an “unregulated” fashion, and was diverting customers away from taxis that pay licensing fees. But this Thursday, through a new decision, Colombia Court claimed that the time limit for the taxi company to present its complaint had expired.

With SIC’s order to cease operations on February 20, Uber had resumed its service in Colombia with a new model through which users could lease a vehicle with a driver, under an agreement between the parties at the time of the order.

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