Colombian real estate startup raises $10 million investment

It has been nine months since the company was launched, aimed at simplifying buying and selling real estate in Latin America

  • The platform centralizes information to build data asset in Colombia;
  • The new round was led by Inspired Capital with five other funds.

Nine months after its launch, the Colombian startup raised a new investment round of $10 million led by Inspired Capital with other funds such as 8VC, Clocktower, Homebrew, Zigg and Vine, as reported by La República.

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The Colombian real estate company aims to simplify buying and selling a home in Latin America. Sebastián Noguera and Brynne McNulty Rojas, founders, told the newspaper that the startup created a proprietary database, an algorithm of prices and a platform designed to empower sellers, buyers and owners of middle class homes.

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According to La República, the platform centralizes information to build data asset in the country, establishing database partnerships with other real estate companies, financial companies and government institutions in Colombia.

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Alexa von Tobel, partner at Inspired Capital said that brings an innovative and assertive technical solution to the complex and opaque home buying process in Latin America. “We are very impressed, not only by Brynne and Sebastián, but also by the compelling signs that they are providing the best real estate experience to be found on the market. They are transforming the lives of middle-class families while redefining the status quo of the Latin American real estate market”, she said.

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