Comunica.In grabs BRL 10 million to develop its corporate communications solution

The startup closed a seed round led by Valor Capital Group, with Norte Capital and Honey Island Capital following; the company also looks to extending its footprint in Brazil and Latin America

Comunica.In startup
Comunica.In's CEO, Felipe Hotz believes business communications can be a much more engaging experience for employees. Photo: Courtesy
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One of the most famous quotes by entrepreneur Richard Branson says clients do not come first, as employees are the most important asset to a company. With the expansion of remote work, the Virgin founder’s saying proves more and more important every day: clear communication is strategic.

To help companies maintaining successful communication interfaces with each involved employee is Comunica.In‘s misson. The Brazilian startup closed BRL 10 million seed round, led by Valor Capital Group, with the participation of Norte Capital and Honey Island Capital. The latter has already led the pre-seed round.

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Felipe Hotz, CEO of Comunica.In, says that the startup has been developing its product since 2017, but saw demand for its services grow during the pandemic. In 2020, HR tech grew six times in revenue, says the founder.

“We’ve helped companies solve a real problem. We’ve been building this solution since 2018, and when the pandemic came, we were already prepared to attend the market,” tells Hotz.

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The company will use the funds to reach new horizons, starting by hiring its new employees, the company aims to build a team of 70 employees (currently, there are 23) and expanding across the Brazilian market and in Latin America.

Hotz explains that the company already operates in 10 different countries and estimates that around 300,000 employees are impacted by its services. After the capital injection, the startup should invest in business development through LatAm.

Developing empathy in business communication

Comunica.In combines its own methodology with a software to trigger announcements, surveys, active listening and manage all types of interactions and announcements a company usually makes. The key, according to Hotz, is the “humanized” approach to the relationship between companies and employees.

“What is a non-humanized relationship? It means feeling more like one, feeling that the company is relating to you in the same way it does with the other thousand employees it has. Bringing a humanized relationship is to understand that technology is just a means, not the end. We want to help companies to awaken in people the feeling of enchantment. It’s for you to be able to listen and think about employees in an individual way”, comments the CEO of Comunica.In.

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According to the startup, this approach leads to a reduction of up to 37% of the time spent on operational activities of human resources teams in one month.

It’s a bit like that feeling you get when Netflix recommends a movie based on your tastes. We know it’s an algorithm, but it seems like a humanized relationship, it seems like it’s an indication of a friend. It’s this feeling that we want to bring with our technology

Felipe Hotz, CEO of Comunica.In

Inspired by Netflix’s recommendation system, the company plans to increase this “enchantment strategy” with a new tool to be launched in 2022. The new platform will allow the sending of personalized messages to follow the employees’ journey in the most important steps in a company: from hiring to promotions.

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