Interactions between users and companies on WhatsApp grew 500%

Coronavirus pandemic pushed up trends of instant messaging, reports survey by Aivo customer service solutions

WhasApp app on smartphone screen
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  • Chat tools, instant messaging and social media applications allow customers to have instant responses;
  • Channel traffic messages increased between 200% and 300% for some companies and up to 800% in the case of some Aivo’s customers.

A survey by the Aivo customer service solutions with 130 companies from various countries shows that conversations between users and companies on Whatsapp grew 516% between February and April, pushed by the coronavirus pandemic that made physical stores close.

The companies are medium or large sized and operate in sectors such as banking and financial services, e-commerce, education, telecommunications, health, and entertainment. All are Aivo customers and use chatbots to reply to messages through the app.

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“Most of our customers that already had WhatsApp enabled as a companion channel changed its main strategy for that tool. This caused increases in channel traffic messages between 200% and 300% for these companies and up to 800% in the case some customers”, reported Aivo.

Chat tools, instant messaging and social media applications allow customers to have instant responses, individualized treatment and communications asynchronous, which made them even more relevant during a period with fewer agents available added to the inability to provide in-person support and saturated lines, channels like chat on websites and mobile apps WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger were crucial in enabling teams of customer service to continue their services to customers.

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In addition to WhatsApp, the survey also shows an overall increase of 51% in the volume of conversations between customers and companies on the various communication channels adopted – such as Facebook, SMS, and chat APIs. Before the pandemic, the research shows digital channels response was already a trend and that many companies used 70% telephony and 30% instant messaging. Now, 20% of them have adapted plans to meet the demand. Full research is available here.

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