Crowdfunding investment platforms raised BRL 124 million for startups in 2021 in Brazil

CapTable report reveals 224% growth in the sector, with 75 deals made through investment hubs

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Brazilian startups reached new highs in 2021. Startups in the country recorded larger than ever fundraising and kept growing at an astonishing pace. In the last year, the innovation ecosystem raised $ 9.4 billion. A modest fraction was carried out through crowdfunding investment platforms.

In 2021, the collective investment sector recorded an increase of 224%, from BRL 38 million raised in 2020 to BRL 124 million raised in 2021. The capital ​​was distributed in 75 different rounds, shows data from a report from Brazilian crowdfunding platform CapTable.

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The company, an investment hub for Brazilian startups, took into account all public funding carried out by the 10 platforms specialized in investments in startups in the country registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).

For CapTable co-founder Guilherme Enck, the result shows that this investment format, even though small, proved its growth potential. The company, which has StartSe as its majority partner, helped to boost the format evolution, according to Enck. “Having StartSe together with us greatly impacts the growth of the market as a whole”, he says.

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Enck believes crowdfunding should continue to grow despite macroeconomic challenges such as elections and rising interest rates. “Today we can already see groups of angel investors, accelerators, and venture capital funds carrying out investment rounds together with the platforms. This ecosystem integration can strengthen even further in 2022”, predicts the CapTable co-founder.

Ranking of crowdfunding investment platforms

According to CapTable data, the platform leads in funding volume and number of rounds (R$49 million, in 29 rounds), followed by SMU Investimentos (R$28 million, in 15 rounds) and EqSeed (R$24 million, in 16 rounds). Observe the complete list:

CapTable: 29 Rounds — Total Raising: BRL 49,569,030.00

SMU Investments: 15 Rounds — Total raising: BRL 28,150,000.00

EqSeed: 16 Rounds — Total Raising: BRL 24,220,000.00

Kria: 4 Rounds — Total Raising: BRL 8,530,000.00

Beegin.invest: 3 Rounds — Total Raising: BRL 7,997,888.88

Organismo Brasil: 2 Rounds — Total raising: BRL 2,431,400.00

Wishe: 3 Rounds — Total Raising: BRL 1,579,200.00

Efund Investimentos: 1 Round — Total raising: BRL 1,200,000.00

Cluster 21: 1 Round — Total raised: BRL 470,047.00

Clearbook: 1 Round — Total withdrawn: BRL 250,000.00

The list of the largest funding through collective investment platforms:

Zletric (via CapTable) – BRL 5,000,000.00

Grana Capital (via SMU) – BRL 5,000,000.00

Fluke (via Kria) – BRL 5,000,000.00

EqSeed (via EqSeed) – BRL 5,000,000.00

Pink Farms (via SMU) – BRL 4,800,000.00 Beeva Brazil (via CapTable) – BRL 4,564,000.00

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