Delivery Hero becomes carbon neutral in Latin America

Offsetting of Latin American markets excludes Glovo’s operations as this firm was acquired by Delivery Hero during the 2020 reporting year

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  • Delivery Hero becomes carbon neutral for its Latin American operations from January 2021 onwards, marking further progress on the company’s sustainability ambitions
  • The firm aims to offset 100% of the carbon footprint generated by its operations worldwide by the end of 2021.

Berlin-based Delivery Hero announced that its operations in Latin America become carbon neutral from January 2021 onwards. The company has set a goal to be carbon neutral globally by the end of 2021.

The company achieved net-zero emissions in Europe in January 2020, and now it is extending the carbon neutrality efforts to its Latin American markets. However, offsetting of Latin American markets excludes Glovo’s operations as this entity was acquired by Delivery Hero during the 2020 reporting year.

According to Delivery Hero, this accomplishment further reinforces the company’s environmental commitments and also contributes to the EU Climate Target Plan 2030.

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“We are proud to have achieved carbon neutrality in all our European and Latin American markets in such a short period of time. Delivery Hero needs to set aspiring goals and encourage other companies to join the climate protection efforts. We want to build a company that the next generation can be proud of, and by taking responsibility for our greenhouse gas emissions, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for our customers and communities around the world,”said Niklas Östberg, CEO and co-founder of Delivery Hero, in a press statement.

The firm says it is committed to offsetting 100% of its carbon footprint. This includes emissions from operations (such as deliveries, food packaging, Dmart grocery items) and offices (such as energy consumption, procurement activities, business travel).

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Since the launch of the carbon neutrality program in 2019, Delivery Hero has offset 215,378 tons of CO2 equivalent. Thanks to the carbon neutrality program, a wide range of certified climate projects across Europe, Latin America and Asia have been funded, including rainforest protection in Peru and renewable energy projects in Bulgaria, China and India.

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