Facebook plans to move forward with Libra's project

Libra is still counting on partners such as Uber and has a list of 180 new companies with interest and potential to join the association

Facebook plans to move forward with Libras project

Just a few days ago, to deal with the political opposition was the biggest trouble for Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, nothing unexpected so far. The plot-twist on this story came when PayPal announced that was pulling out the project and was followed by Mastercard, Visa, Stripe and several other important partners

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Since that, the market started to point out a not so bright future for Libra Association and the rumors that Facebook could give up the project were stronger than ever. But according to David Marcus, the responsible for Libra’s project, the real situation it’s exactly the opposite, the team keeps being optimistic about it. 

“We will move forward. We will add more members”, revealed Marcus about the plan to revert the impact of the latest losses on the members’ list, in an interview for Bloomberg Television. 

After the first Libra’s official meeting, that happened this week in Geneva, the cryptocurrency’s team announced that there are more than 1.500 companies interested in joining in Libra Association and 180 of them already fulfill its criteria to enter the project. 

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