DHL will double its express deliveries in Brazil by 2023

The German logistics company is betting heavily on the Brazilian market

DHL bets heavily in Brazil

Seeking to expand operations in the country, the American-founded German courier DHL has talked about new ventures in Brazil. Besides new service centers in the cities of Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte; the company already has fast delivery offices in the main urban centers of São Paulo, Santos, Brasília, Ribeirão Preto, Curitiba, and Porto Alegre.

“We doubled our business in Brazil between 2018 and 2019, and we want to do that again over the next 36 to 48 months. Double revenues, shipments, and employees,” said Mike Parra, CEO of DHL Express Americas, to the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo.

With eyes set on a market changing its logistics landscape, given the privatization announced for Brazil’s postal service, Correios; DHL is well-aware of the challenges that come along with occupying such a space in Brazilian logistics. For Parra, any company that takes charge of the state-owned company will face quite a hurdle. 

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But the company headquartered in Bonn, Germany, is showing big efforts to become gradually more competitive in the region. Completing 50 years in 2019, DHL has just launched last Thursday, 12, a new innovation center for the Americas, located in Chicago. With the purpose of finding new tech solutions for the company’s whole chain, from storage to delivery, their new solutions will work to improve the operations in each country, according to each reality. 

“We have partnerships to identify, in local startups, innovations to our logistics market,” said Gina Chung, the person in charge of DHL Americas Innovation Center, during the opening of the new venture.

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