Disney+ reached 6% of the SVOD market share in Brazil over two months

Disney+ reached the end of the fourth quarter in third place in Brazil, behind Netflix and Prime Video, shows data from JustWatch

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Not long after its debut in Latin America, Disney+ has already gained 6% of the subscription video-on-demand market in Brazil. This is what shows data from the international streaming guide JustWatch, in a market analysis carried out to LABS.

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According to JustWatch, which measured the interest in SVOD services in Brazil during the last quarter of 2020, Disney+ already passed Claro Video and is coming up on Telecine Play, HBO Go, and Globoplay. As expected, Netflix remains the streaming leader with one-third of the market in Brazil.

Disney+ reached the end of the fourth quarter in third place, shows data from JusWatch – and the category displayed as “Other” streaming services was the one that suffered the most from Disney’s launch in Brazil.

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In its first operating quarter, Disney+ amassed 26.5 million subscribers globally, to then jump from 33.5 million customers in its second quarter to 57.5 million by its third quarter.

While Netflix signed up 8.5 million new customers from October to December, crossing the 200 million global subscribers milestone at the end of 2020, Disney+ has reached 73.7 million paid subscribers by the end of October in its fiscal fourth quarter, almost tripling its user base since the end of the 2019 fiscal year.

The service arrived in Brazil and Latin America on November 17th and it is expected to announce its next quarterly results, for the fiscal first quarter of 2021, on February 11.

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