Disney’s streaming service Disney+ arrives in Brazil in 2020

With an interface similar to that of Netflix, the entertainment giant will provide all the productions of the group

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  • In the US, the streaming service arrives in November of this year;
  • In August, the company announced a promotional package with its three streaming services for $ 13, including Hulu, ESPN Plus and Disney+

Disney+, Disney’s streaming service, is being tested in national televisions and will arrive in Brazil in 2020. The application, which will be bundled together with smart televisions in 2020, will have a catalogue of classic animated films by Disney, as well as Marvel and Star Wars films.

UPDATE: Disney confirms Disney+ launch in Latin America this November and reports 57.5 million subscribers on the service

In August, in the D23, the studio announced that the service will arrive in November in the US for $ 7, but it did not confirm the date or values for Brazilians and Latin Americans. According to what was revealed in the event, the interface will be very similar to that of Netflix and little by little it will accumulate the productions of studios within the Disney group—which today includes films from Fox, such as Avatar, documentaries from ESPN, and tv series from ABC.

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In addition to classic films, they already announced new series from Marvel, such as Falcon and Winter Soldier, a new Star Wars production on Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi and also a children’s series on Monsters S.A. Disney+ will arrive to dispute the attention of the consumer in a market dominated by Netflix, but will also face the arrival of other streaming services such as HBO Max and also AppleTV, both without a set launch date in Latin America.

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