E-commerce sales in July increased by 12.5% in Brazil, according to Mastercard

The sales indicator Mastercard SpendingPulse registered a better performance of e-commerce in comparison with the traditional retail for the month

E-commerce sales in July increased by 12,5% in Brazil, according to Mastercard

Pushed by pharmaceuticals, apparel, and electronics, e-commerce sales in July reached a 12.5% rise in comparison with the same period of 2018, according to the retail sales indicator of Mastercard, the Mastercard SpendingPulse. 

“In July, we saw strong double-digit growth in e-commerce sales, which is an ongoing trend as more and more consumers shop through their phones and other devices,” said César Fukushima, director of advanced analysis at Mastercard Brazil in a press release.

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Total sales for the aforementioned month – including e-commerce and physical store sales with all payment methods – grew slightly by 1% since 2018, excluding sales of cars, building materials, restaurants, and home textiles. Apparel, pharmaceuticals, and personal and household items exceeded total sales, while furniture, home appliances, supermarkets, and fuel slowed down slightly.

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