E-commerce unicorn debuts brick-and-mortar unit in the opposite direction of online shops

This is Nuvemshop's first bet on a physical space for shoppers in Latin America

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  • In the physical hub, digital native SMEs selected by Nuvemshop have the opportunity to interact face-to-face with the public;
  • The space has 1,500 square meters and is located in Buenos Aires.

Latin America‘s e-commerce unicorn, Nuvemshop, is making a move against exclusively online sales. The company has launched an omnichannel shop, which combines online and offline sales channels.

According to Nuvemshop, the Nube Studio is a physical hub where selected digital native SMEs have the opportunity to interact face-to-face with the public and present their products from various segments for trial and purchase. The shop is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Nuvemshop plans to expand the initiative to Brazil and Mexico in the coming years.

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“At Cloudshop, we always seek to innovate and value the brands of local entrepreneurs. The Nube Studio brings an unprecedented proposal in the country and the region that combines the best of two worlds: the physical and the online,” explains Gonzalo Latugaye, Nuvemshop’s Global Brand Director. “We are excited about the great opportunity that both SMEs and big brands will have in this space, which will certainly revolutionize omnichannel sales,” he says.

This is Nuvemshop’s first bet on a physical space for its tenants in Latin America. The 1,500 square meter space offers products from more than 30 SMEs and brands from all over Argentina and from different sectors: Apparel & Footwear, Accessories & Leather Goods, Health & Beauty, Decoration, and Home.

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“We started the omnichannel experience project in Argentina, where we observed a great growth in commerce this year. We know the relevance of this space for entrepreneurs, especially for digitally native brands that have never had this experience so close to their consumers. Therefore, we intend to take the hub to Brazil and Mexico in the coming years”, adds Latugaye.

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