EBANX and Cabify partner up to offer a new delivery service

Small merchants on EBANX Beep will be able to have their products delivered by the mobility app

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  • New feature will allow drivers to deliver objects and orders at the request of users or businesses;
  • Users may also use it to send items among themselves.

Brazilian fintech EBANX, LABS‘s parent company, and Spanish ride-sharing firm Cabify partnered up to offer a new delivery feature on the mobility app. The new service will allow drivers to deliver objects and orders at the request of users or small businesses.

Consumers who buy physical products on EBANX Beep, a new online sales platform, will be able to arrange with the seller details for delivery, which will be carried out by Cabify. EBANX Beep was launched in March and allows the sale of vouchers for products and services that can be retrieved later on. The main goal of this feature is to help small vendors and autonomous sellers to keep some revenue during quarantines imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The new delivery service will be available in the next few weeks, in a pilot format for small merchants in eight cities in Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Brasília, Campinas and Santos

“With Cabify as a logistical partner, we have further expanded the reach of small entrepreneurs – on the internet, with the EBANX Beep platform, and in the physical world, with Cabify drivers. Even those merchants who do not have a delivery structure will be able to sell and deliver their products, maintaining cash flow during this delicate moment”, says André Boaventura, CMO and partner at EBANX

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Cabify has also been working to set up partnerships with delivery apps, supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants and other shop-keepers. “We are glad to help small retailers and Cabify drivers. The partnership with EBANX makes perfect sense for the moment we are experiencing. We have to add more and more companies so as to provide the greatest convenience and safety for everyone”, comments Luis Saicali, general director of Cabify Brasil

Sellers registered on the EBANX Beep sales platform will be able to count on the new service to send their products, guaranteeing cash flow during the social isolation period. Merchants who are not registered on the platform will also be able to use the “Delivery” feature to send orders to their customers directly on the Cabify app. 

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Types of delivery

The new feature will provide two services, at first. One is the delivery of products and goods among users. To do this, they must simply request the service on the “Delivery” option in the app, leave the item in the vehicle, and the driver will take it to the final destination, without the need of physical contact. 

The other service is aimed at the delivery of meals, pharmacy products and groceries, among other things, in which the consumer will make the purchase on EBANX Beep, for example, and the transport of the order will be provided by a Cabify driver. Sellers must request the ride to pick up the goods and deliver it to the buyer. 

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