EBANX is supporting Double 11 sales to become as popular as Black Friday in Latin America

In 2018, the Brazilian fintech registered 100 purchase orders per minute during Double 11 in its merchant’s websites

EBANX is promoting Double 11 in Brazil
The Double 11 2018 event in China. Photo: ShutterStock

Around ten years ago, the Chinese giant Alibaba decided to create a sale date focused on being the opposite of Valentine’s Day, a day when consumers are encouraged to buy gifts for themselves with huge discounts. But what seems like an unpretentious plan at a first look became the world’s biggest sale, bigger than Black Friday, besides being a huge event promoted by the brand in China. Double 11 has already counted on big performers such as Mariah Carey – and in 2019 will bring Taylor Swift‘s concert to the Asian country.

In 2018, the date reached $ 30.8 billion worldwide in a single day of sales. Even so, Double 11 or Single’s Day, as the promotional date is known worldwide, isn’t that popular in Latin America as it is in other countries, especially in Asia. At least not yet: companies like EBANX are committed to change this game for good. 

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Since 2017, the Brazilian fintech that has just become a unicorn helps international brands to reach Brazilian consumers during Double 11 by making exclusive campaigns in the country to make the date more popular among Brazilians. In 2018, the fintech already achieved great results with the initiative, according to internal data of the payments company, during the promotional period in the country EBANX received more than 450 thousand purchase orders in international e-commerces from Brazilian consumers reaching the total amount of $21 million. 

In 2019, the fintech wants to go further in order to make Double 11 popular among Latin American consumers. EBANX invested in a branding campaign starred by the Brazilian influencer Sabrina Sato and the Mexican singer and actress Maite Perroni, former integrant of the pop Mexican group RBD. The goal is to reach a bigger audience in social media and bring it to a special website created for the promotion, featuring the products of the three retail brands that are EBANX’s partners in this campaign: UseGiraffe, TiendaMia, and AliExpress

At Double 11, these brands will offer up to 70% off on its products and AliExpress already confirmed in a previous statement for the Brazilian media outlet Valor Econômico that, during the sale, the Brazilian consumers will find “the lowest prices of the year”

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