Electric scooter startup Lime starts to operate in Brazil

California-based company is one of the main global players of the sector

  • Lime’s valuation is worth $2.4 billion
  • One of the startup’s main investors is Uber, which has allocated $335 million to Lime last year
  • Prices for the Brazilian consumer will be very much alike of those from local competitors Yellow and Grin

Brazil has just gained a new player in the on-demand scooter fever: US startup Lime started operating yesterday in São Paulo and this Thursday, July 4th, it’s Rio’s time.

The kick-off event happened in São Paulo and was attended by Lime’s global president Joe Kraus, who’s strongly stated his and the company’s concern with respecting local security laws, according to Brazilian newspaper Estadão.

We tried to work along with governments and respect local laws. When we were a younger company, we acted differently and this is not the way you do things“, said Kraus to Estadão.

At this point, such discussions around security and legislation regarding mobility-on-demand apps are on the spotlight, after Yellow and Grin scooters seizure in May.

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Besides Lime’s concerns with regulations and meetings with related local authorities, the company will also bring to Brazil the reward model for people who collect, load and distribute the scooters the next day. Called juicers, they would act as an Uber driver, working only when they want and been paid proportionately.

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