Elon Musk's Starlink authorized to explore satellite internet services in Brazil

The company plans to put a total of 4,408 satellites into orbit to provide broadband internet access throughout Brazil

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The Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) granted SpaceX and Swarm the right to explore satellites internet in the country.

The license was granted for the Starlink non-geostationary satellite system to Space Exploration until March 2027. SpaceX will operate in Brazil through its legal representative in the country, Starlink Brazil Holding Ltda.

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The company intends to put a total of 4,408 satellites into orbit. According to Anatel’s board member Emmanoel Capelo, “it is in the company’s interest to provide broadband internet access to customers distributed throughout the Brazilian territory, which will certainly be very opportune for schools, hospitals and other establishments located in rural remote areas.”

According to the agency’s statement, the authorization does not give SpaceX the right to protection and the system cannot cause harmful interference with non-geostationary Kepler systems, for example.

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Anatel also allowed the use of radio frequencies for the Swarm Technologies satellite system until September 2035.

According to Anatel, any change in the number of satellites will require a new authorization from the agency. Campelo also highlights that “the new satellite constellations are not only composed of hundreds or thousands of artifacts but also already have promises of expansion of these numbers.”

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