Endeavor selects 63 Brazilian scale-ups for its acceleration program

Together, the companies had growth of over 200% and revenues above BRL 2 billion

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The global network of entrepreneurs Endeavor selected 63 Brazilian scale-ups for its acceleration program, the Scale-up Endeavor 2021. Scale-ups are already consolidated companies, with a scalable business model and a marked growth curve. Together, the 63 chosen reached more than BRL 2 billion in revenue and had growth of over 200%. The selected ones can be consulted here.

In order to increase the impact generated by its mentoring program in 2021, in addition to the National Scale-up programs, Endeavor will also accelerate entrepreneurs and business verticals that have stood out in areas like consumer services, smart cities, edtech, retail tech and operations, fintech, consumer goods, retail, B2B enterprise and SMB solutions.

The verticals acceleration will happen alongside corporations such as GPA, Arezzo & Co, through its corporate venture capital front ZZ Ventures and Movile.

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The business acceleration manager at Endeavor Vinicius Bergamini explains that Endeavor considers growth the most relevant indicator of a company, as it is how the company will generate jobs, innovation, social mobility and wealth.

“The change of the people and companies’ behavior due to the pandemic has created opportunities for solving problems that are urgent in practically all areas. We have noticed that scale-ups with solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of companies have also stood out. Besides that, we saw countless companies accelerating the development of projects that were in stand by”, said Bergamini.

Bet on big business of the future

Endeavor bets that the chosen scale-ups will form the next generation of large Brazilian businesses. The acceleration program numbers so far suggest a promising path. In 2019, 224 scale-ups were accelerated, which together generated more than BRL 9 billion in revenue and contributed to the generation of 50,000 direct jobs.

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In 2020, there were 243 accelerated scale-ups which together grew by an average of 78%, employed 18,000 people and had an average turnover of BRL 4.4 billion, in addition to raising more than BRL 5 billion.

“This [the companies potential] is very evident when we have among the selected companies that have already undergone other Endeavor acceleration programs, such as Geekhunter, Niduu, Eu Entrego, Movidesk, Bread Maker and Appmax“, says Bergamini.

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