Endeavor's CEO explains why the Brazilian market is well worth it

Camila Junqueira went onstage at the Latam Cross-Border Summit with the mission of explaining the acceleration of the entrepreneurial market in Brazil

Camila Junqueira, Endeavor's CEO

“Is the Brazilian market worth it?” was a question that a majority of the discussions raised in the talks at the LATAM Cross-Border Summit, an event organized by EBANX in Rio de Janeiro from the 23 – 26 of September. Endeavor CEO Camila Junqueira’s talk was no different.

Engaging with the current context of the Brazilian market from an entrepreneurial perspective, the expert began her talk by taking a look back at some of the key global expectations concerning Brazil–some of them created some time ago, when the country was experiencing an economic boom.

Even in the midst of the political and economic turmoil of the past years, Junqueira was able to establish a parallel between what happened before and the recent stimulation of the technology and startup sector of the country’s economy, emphasizing that it is precisely the adversity and typical challenges in Latin America that move the big technological revolutions here.

When the system fails the population, there’s room for brilliant minds to come up with solutions

Camila Junqueira, Endeavor’s CEO, on LATAM Cross-Border Summit

For the CEO, this is not a coincidence, but rather a reaction to the market in relation to the economic context, she didn’t just stop there. The businesswoman also emphasized that from 2017 to 2018, Brazil managed to advance 16 positions in the World Bank’s ranking that determines the ease with which to do business in different countries.

These challenges became the driving factors influencing Brazilian entrepreneurs, according to Junqueira, allowing the development of new unicorns and big tech companies in a few years, heating up the market and creating the perfect context for a growth rhythm that is scalable.

All these entrepreneurs started [investing] when Brazil was a big question mark. Entrepreneurs are shaping the future

Camila Junqueira, Endeavor’s CEO, on LATAM Cross-Border Summit

For that reason, the CEO defended that contrary to what a superficial view of Brazil might suggest at first, the country is in the midst of a great technological revolution that generates investment opportunities and continuous growth. Startups are today solving current and future problems in the country, accelerating development in all sectors and promoting high-impact changes in all of Brazilian society.

To become a developed country, Brazil still needs to face many challenges and solve old problems, but the country already has, without a doubt, an enormous ally in this battle: the startup market and the new technology companies.

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