Evo Morales resign as Bolivia's President

After days of several protests in the country, Evo Morales announces his resignation under pressure of Bolivian Army Chief

Evo Morales resign as Bolivian President
Photo: ShutterStock

“I resign my post as president,” stated today Evo Morales during his speech for Bolivian television after days dealing with several violent protests in the country motivated by the accusation of election fraud. 

Morales stated in the same speech that he decided to stepped down his position in order to preserve the safety of Bolivian people and claimed for a new election. Alvaro Garcia Linera, his vice-president, has also resigned. 

The Organization of American States (OAS), responsible for monitoring the Bolivian elections, stated that wide-scale evidence of manipulation in the election result was found, which had put the country into a delicate situation ending by even the Bolivian Army Chief asking for Morales resignation. 

There’s no official information about when a new election will happen or who will take on Bolivia’s presidency since Morales’ team had also stepped down.

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