Facebook plans to build its own operating system

Zuckerberg's company goal is not fully depending on Apple or Google in the future

Facebook launches standalone app for games
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  • To avoid keep always fully depending on Apple and Google, Facebook decided to start building its own operating system
  • For now, the new system will be focused on the augmented reality glasses that the company plans to launch
  • Facebook has no plans to develop its own smartphones for now

In this last decade, Facebook built an empire in the tech world even with all the challenges that the company had to deal with. Zuckerberg’s company has passed through so many unexpected troubles that now they seem to start adopting a new philosophy: not trusting anybody to do what themselves can do it. 

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And it is exactly this mindset that is driving Facebook to build its own operating system, according to The Information. The goal is to ensure that the company’s apps will have an alternative room in the market without fully depending on its competitor’s solutions, especially Apple and Google

However, it doesn’t mean that the company is planning to launch its own smartphone brand,  at least now for now. The company’s future operating system will be focused on other devices that Facebook plans to release, such as augmented reality glasses, for instance. 

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